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God Has Friends In Low Places

This is so simply written, but so profound.

“But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.” (Romans 8:11)

Unshakable Hope

The other day I was sitting out in the backyard listening to an audio book and getting a much-needed dose of vitamin D. Two Mockingbirds were darting back and forth just feet in front of me and were making so much noise that it was becoming difficult to hear my audio book. I knew that they had a nearby nest and were only trying to protect their young from a potential threat (apparently Mockingbirds don’t understand that paralyzed people in a wheelchair don’t pose a threat).

Then I saw two beautiful Bluebirds sitting in a nearby live oak tree just minding theirbluebird in tree
own business. Like me, they seemed to be doing their best to ignore the noise and the antics of the paranoid Mockingbirds. Every five minutes or so, one of the Bluebirds would fly over and land on the roof of a dilapidated birdhouse that Mary’s been meaning to…

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Don’t Confuse Me With the Facts: Jihad vs Crusades

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Barack Obama is an educated man.  Unfortunately, most Americans are not.  So when he compares the Islamic State jihad to the crusades at the National Prayer Breakfast, he gets a collective uh-huh from a lot of Americans.  He knows the difference, but the facts are not convenient in this case, so he chooses to ignore them.

The IS is systematically eliminating Christians from the Middle East and they are doing it in the most horrid and unthinkable ways.  They are kidnapping, raping, maiming, beheading and crucifying Christians – men, women, the elderly and children of every age.  Children!

When the president of the United States makes such ignorant statements, he is intentionally vilifying Christians, and in doing so, is emboldening the extremists around the world to continue on their mission of extermination.

This five-minute video illustrates the difference between the crusades and jihad in world history.  There are no images of violence.  Just a world map and a very helpful explanation.  Please share it with as many people as will listen…even those who, like our president, don’t want to be confused with the facts.

The Most Persecuted Minority in the World

Did you know that EACH MONTH

  •  322 Christians are killed for their faith
  • 214 Churches and Christian properties are destroyed
  • 722 forms of violence are committed against Christians, such as beatings, abductions, rapes, arrests and forced marriages?  (source http://www.opendoorsusa.org)

Watch a 5-minute video to understand why you haven’t heard much about this.  Please reblog, like and share on social media so that people can be informed and begin to understand what is really happening in our world.

Breathe On Us Again

Eye closed

I’ve been too busy lazy to write anything for quite a while, so I thought I would share a song that I have been listening to on repeat since I discovered it on Pandora.  It’s not the style of music that I typically listen to, but this song resonates deep with me.  It is really a prayer set to music.  Oh, Lord revive this nation.  Revive my loved ones and friends.  Revive me.

by Steve Fry

O Lord hear, O Lord forgive us.
We have lost the awe of You.
Have mercy, have mercy.

O Lord, cleanse
Our hearts which are divided.
Stir the faith that we once knew
We’re thirsty, we’re thirsty.

O Lord restore
The church that bears Your name.
O Spirit send
A revival to this nation.

Breathe on us again,
Breathe on us again.

No Santa…Ridiculous!

Such a nice Christmas story. . . and the fact that I’m a grandma makes it even better!

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
December 18, 2014

I remember my first Christmas adventure with Grandma. I was just a kid.

I remember tearing across town on my bike to visit her on the day my big sister dropped the bomb: “There is no Santa Claus,” she jeered. “Even dummies know that!”

My Grandma was not the gushy kind, never had been. I fled to her that day because I knew she would be straight with me. I knew Grandma always told the truth, and I knew that the truth always went down a whole lot easier when swallowed with one of her “world-famous” cinnamon buns. I knew they were world-famous, because Grandma said so. It had to be true.

Grandma was home, and the buns were still warm. Between bites, I told her everything. She was ready for me. “No Santa Claus?” she snorted….”Ridiculous! Don’t believe it. That rumor has been going…

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The Bible: The Book of Books

Bible with markerDid you know that the Bible was written:

  • over a period of 1,400 years
  • over a span of 40 generations
  • by over 40 authors from all walks of life such as kings, peasants, philosophers, poets, fishermen, statesmen, scholars, a doctor, and businessmen
  • on three continents – Asia, Africa and Europe
  • in many different places such as dungeons, palaces, while traveling, the wilderness, etc.
  • during a variety of moods including sorrow, joy, anger, excitement, and tranquility
  • in three languages – Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek?

Yet, amazingly there is surprising continuity.  What I mean by that is that from the first book, Genesis, written about 1,400 hundred years before Christ to the last book, Revelation, written almost 100 years after Christ there is one unifying theme woven throughout.  That theme is redemption.  Someone is coming to purchase back something that has been lost, by paying a ransom.  That Person is Jesus Christ and He paid the ransom in His own precious blood.  And so this Book from cover to cover is the story of a Person, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and what He has done for us and what He has yet to do!  Yes, Jesus loves me, for the bible tells me so!



C.S. Lewis on Marriage

Bride and GroomIf the old fairy-tale ending ‘They lived happily ever after’ is taken to mean ‘They felt for the next fifty years exactly as they felt the day before they were married’, then it says what probably never was nor ever would be true, and would be highly undesirable if it were.  Who could bear to live in that excitement for even five years?  What would become of your work, your appetite, your sleep, your friendships?  But, of course, ceasing to be ‘in love’ need not mean ceasing to love.  Love in this second sense—love as distinct from ‘being in love’—is not merely a feeling.  It is a deep unity, maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit; reinforced by (in Christian marriages) the grace which both partners ask, and receive, from God.  They can have this love for each other even at those moments when they do not like each other; as you love yourself even when you do not like yourself. They can retain this love even when each would easily, if they allowed themselves, be ‘in love’ with someone else.  ‘Being in love’ first moved them to promise fidelity: this quieter love enables them to keep the promise.  It is on this love that the engine of marriage is run: being in love was the explosion that started it.  ~ C.S. Lewis